Peshawari Chappal – traditional footwear – is worn especially by Pakhtoons in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region. The shoe takes its name from the city of Peshawar from where it was originated whereas “Chappal” is the local word for flip-flops. Because of its comfort, it is used in place of sandal or slipper in Pakistan. It is semi-closed footwear, which consists of two wide strips where both strips are joined with the sole by crossing each other. The backside has also a strip with a buckle to tie according to the foot size and level of comfort. It is traditionally made with pure leather with its sole often made of truck-tyre. It is available in many traditional designs and colors with various variations such as works of golden and silver threads, which gives the shoe a more elegant look. Peshawari Chappals have become increasingly popular in other parts of Pakistan; even wearing them with jeans has become a fashion trend, especially among urban youth. In Pakistan many classes including elite, middle and lower class of the society wear the Peshawari Chappal in a large number. Peshawari Chappals have fashion signature for nearly every Pakistani. There is no religious festival or occasion considered complete without wearing Peshawari Chappal.

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